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Cool Down with Climate Clinic

Summer heat gotcha down? Don’t sweat it, give Climate Clinic a call.

Cooling Brands

Air Conditioning

Comes with 12-year limited parts warranty. Plus, Maytag's Dependability 

Promise states that your entire unit will be replaced if the compressor fails within the first year of purchase, when installed with a Maytag matched indoor coil or air handler at no cost to the customer. A new comfort system can provide more than just energy efficiency. Compatible whole home indoor solutions address specific needs and can improve your indoor living experience. There are solutions for room temperature control, humidity control and even indoor allergens. Be sure to tell us about any specific comfort issues you would like to resolve.


conditioning can keep up. Rheem's commitment to excellence, dedication to dependability and an extensive line of products back by their exceptional warranty mean that you don't have to. Relax knowing that your Rheem air conditioning system will keep you comfortable for years to come.

Comes with 10-year conditional parts warranty. One thing you should not be worrying about on the worst heat of summer days is if your air 


Comes with 10-year limited parts warranty. Gibson Air conditioning units

are built solidly and to ensure reliable performance. They are designed for quiet operation and maximum air flow.


Comes with a 5-year part and 5-year compressor warranty. Direct Air ductless split systems are great for solving problem areas where 

your cooling or heating system does not work and in situations where you don't have the proper duct work for central air. Direct Air appliances are manufactured to high standards of quality to provide you with reliability and durability. Comfort at its best.

Direct Air
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Air conditioning unit
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